Q Le BAKER is an artisan bread maker located at the historic Prahran Market, south east of Melbourne. The bakery is owned and operated by Marion David and baker Quentin Berthonneau, who began his love affair with bread at home in France, age 15.

Never Now created a modern brand for Q Le BAKER that references the simple traditions of Quentin's baking. The wordmark uses a modified version of the font Romana, released in 1860 by French type designer Theophile Beaudoire. The R (probably Romana's most most distinguishing character) had its leg replaced, and we shifted the tail of the Q slightly for balance. By bundling the words 'Le BAKER' into an enlarged Q, we created a charming brandmark which ties in with the bakery’s tagline 'A Balance of Cultures'. To finish, we directed a series of soft, neoclassical bread balancing images with photographer Josh Robenstone.


Josh Robenstone