In 2017, Never Now was commissioned to work with Olaver Architecture on Primo, a new pizza shop in Melbournes north. With an open brief and no name, we were awarded the freedom to build our own direction for the brand. At the time, Melbourne was in the midst of an Italian food renaissance which saw an influx of authentic restaurants, run by a new generation of authentic Italians. We sought to avoid this, instead choosing to celebrate the visual language of the faded suburban pizza joints we had grown up with.

We chose the name Primo, the colour green, and the tag line 100% All Good, which sat neatly within the suburban Anglo-Italian vernacular. On the façade we placed a large PIZZA mosaic, and in the front window we hung a neon hand signalling the waiter, the number one (primo translates as first in Italian) and flipping a pizza. The pizza box, website and other collateral see erratic type pushed and pulled on a number of axis to suit each touchpoint of the brand.

Architecture: Olaver
Photography: Ben Clement